Technology Summary

The United States pays $50 billion per year to repair and maintain the 2.2 million miles of paved roads that criss-cross the nation. This is because the basic building material of pavement is gravel and sand held together by bitumen, a material that oxidizes and cracks when cold and under load.

The Invention

Fermilab has developed a concept for truck-mounted electron accelerators that can be used to treat pavement. This treatment turns the pavement into a tougher, longer-lasting material, significantly extending the life of our roads.


In addition to the cost savings and improved safety of roads that do not crack and crumble as quickly over time, truck-mounted accelerators can also be used for high-quality pothole repair even on the coldest of winter days. This could lead to a new industry with hundreds of millions, or even billions, per year in sales and service.

Applications and Industries

  • Roadways
  • Runways
  • ad hoc infrastructure for extreme environments
  • Blast damage remediation


Category: Accelerator Technologies

Tags and keywords: Pavement, concrete, bitumen, asphalt, pothole


Invention Details

Patent Status: Multiple patents

Aaron G Sauers, CLP
Fermilab, MS 312 – PO Box 500
Batavia, IL 60510