Fermilab takes a holistic approach to partnerships and technology transfer. Within the laboratory’s larger scientific missions to advance the basic understanding of particle physics and widely disseminate that knowledge, Fermilab helps drive the development of new technologies and new industries as a customer, a supplier, a collaborator, and a facilitator.

The mission of the Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer (OPTT) is to transfer technologies developed at Fermilab to private sector partners in order to enhance the nation’s economic competitiveness. We strive to seamlessly and efficiently enable the formation of high-impact partnerships with industry, academia, and other institutions that support the global and scientific missions of the laboratory.

Featured Technology

Fermilab has developed a way to seal flanges by applying the clamping force through a “Whiffletree” structure that ensures load uniformity around the sealing surface. The system can be sealed by tightening a single fastener, which reduces the time required to make the connection and improves the ability to know the preload in the fastener and the sealing load. Read more.



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