Reporting Success

Fermilab manages agreements through a variety of performance measures, reporting, reviews and audits.

Each type of agreement has specific requirements for sharing reports and abstracts with the Department of Energy and with the public. The Partner is responsible for providing or approving the non-proprietary Abstract or Description of Work.

Abstracts or Descriptions of Work that are suitable for sharing with the public are required for certain forms of agreement (such as CRADAs) and may be requested for others forms of agreement (such as WFO agreements).

If needed, the Partner will provide copies of all patent applications or other intellectual property protection to the Fermilab Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer (OPTT) as specified in the Partnering Agreement.

Final Reports may be required for some forms of agreement, such as the CRADA Final Report. Other reports may be requested by Fermilab or the DOE, if the Partnering Agreement provides for it. In such cases, the Partner will work with Fermilab OPTT Office to prepare a non-proprietary report in the specified format.